YouTube Preview ImageWell,  Happy New Year is in order.   To kick 2011 off we are presenting a high quality short film, more commonly referred to as a music video.  The extremely talented cult director Damien Pratt of New York City and Nevertheless fame,  is behind the camera (and in front).  He enlists some of the Tan’s co-conspirators in the CT 90’s indie rock scene in Creature Did to do cameos.  Thanks, Nina, Kevin, and Mike.  If you haven’t already done so check Damien’s wide array of videos on his youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/thedamienpratt.  They are beautifully disturbing and hilarious… and all Damien.  The song is off the newly released for free album “Brace for the Decline” and, because of its freeness, should be on everyone’s ipod,iphone, zune, droid  whatever else.  We look forward to a New Year with new Farmertan recordings and hope you do too.


Hello everyone,

Farmertan would like to wish all a happy holiday and to show our love we uploaded a cover of the 80’s classic “Do They Know Its Xmas”.  Love it or hate it you’ve never heard it rock so hard.



http://www.vimeo.com/11863134Who would have thought that Farmertan,  a 90’s band for all intents and puposes,

would be used as the soundtrack to a BMX video from France.  It’s true and here is

the link.


Summer. Everyone swelters in the heat and gets toasty brown in the sun, like a marshmallow primed for a ’smores, like a piece of bread in the toaster too long. In the early days of Farmertan, working for G&H custom fence, we would hit the heat with t-shirts, needing a bit of protection against horrible nipple slicing accidents of shirtless fence installers.  A result was the inevitable farmertan. Matt Galvin, with Celtic blood and the whitest skin on earth would cook up a farmertan that had so much contrast it was like a ghost wearing black oven mitts. The rest is history as they say, and the band needed to be called farmertan. An earlier name for the band, which featured Jim Bowler at the time,  was “New Wave Blues.” and you thought farmertan wasn’t the best name? In retrospect, “man nipple” or “uni-nipple” might have been decent names.

Anyway, we have just “released” our 5 song EP “The Extended Play” on Bandcamp; hi res downloads for free. These are pretty rocking-good songs for the summer. We have a new album in the tank, ready for release early this fall. Its a cock-rock scorcher. We may even burn some mass produced antique reliquated “CD’s”

The even better news, is that Farmertan is planning some shows to coincide with the fall reunion season; and we are almost ready to record about ten songs of new material that are shaping up to be the best thing weve ever done, so far, of course.  Stay tuned and get your arm “out the windows” to rock that Farmertan.


Here at Farmertan, we are continually getting together and playing, writing and recording, for the love of rock music. We are a rock and roll outfit, devoted to guitars bass and drums. Everytime we record a group of songs for a typical “album.” there may or may not be an acoustic song that is fitting for the album.  Many times acoustic demos end up being Farmertan-style full-on  rock’n'roll faves, and one shining example of this phenomenon is the song “Out the Windows.” Farmertan has recorded a new full length, full on Rock’n'Roll album to be releases shortly. But Farmertan loves Jamendo, and is intrigued by the popularity of certain songs on Jamendo and  in use by Jamendo Pro.  As such, Farmertan has newly released a mini-album of lo-fi acoustic love called Distant Cousin, after the line in the Farmertan song “Spaceheater.” This is singer folkstyle singer/songerwriter flow-pop that can be played behind dinner or driving in the country, as well as a walk through Central Park, NYC or even the streets of Paris. When you want to rock out hard, there is Farmertan proper. When you are in the  mood for something softer and more introspective, look no further but to Farmertan’s even softer side….



YouTube Preview ImageWe at farmertan are hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday and that a safe and happy new year will be shared by all.  We are in the midst of finishing the latest in our album releases.  The title isn’t definite yet.  With that being said, one of the songs on it is named No Reservations,  which coincidently is the name of the Travel Channel food program starring Anthony Bourdain.  Now,  apparently Mr. Bourdain is an indie rock fan.  It has been suggested to us that we try to attract his attention and have our song considered for the shows theme.  Farmertan,  never one to overindulge in shameless self promotion,  has agreed to give it a shot.  So sign up for the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#/group.php?gid=211427194042 and pass it along to the show and Anthony Bourdain.  Food,  Fun, and Farmertan,  the ultimate triple threat.



We’ve been doing this rock music gig for some time and it really has gotten to the point that international stardom is less and less likely.  It isn’t even our motivation to become famous but we do enjoy writing music so it’s only natural that we enjoy people listening to it and hopefully enjoying it too.  Strangely enough this here Jamendo site has provided us with unforseen exposure in many different countries.  We’ve come to find out that our songs are being broadcast in Subway food franchises, hotels, auto parts stores and internet sports documentaries throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia.  Countries like Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Japan, the Netherlands, France, Germany, And the United States,  have used our songs to make their businesses more entertaining.  Every time I’m at a store I am aware of what’s on their Muzak system,  and now Farmertan is one of those bands.  So,  it’s been a really cool experience to think we’ve helped people enjoy the everyday aspects of their days and hopefully sold a few Subway sandwiches as well.  Here is one of the most popular songs currently spinning on the other side of the planet.


Well,  the summer has come to an end.  The kids are back to school,  some for the first time,  others advancing to greater heights in education.  We hope everyone had a great summer,  we’ve been very busy recording some new songs and are feeling pretty good about how they are developing.  This November we are planning a show which should coincide with Holy Cross High school’s class of 1989 reunion.  Paul is a graduate of this class and is possibly attending.  Who would have imagined 20years has gone by.  Mike and Jim will be next,  and Matt rounds the foursome out in 2011.  A special Farmertan milestone also approaches in 2012 as we hit 20 years as a band,  god willing.  But for now, we digress.  Here is a song which we recorded with Mike Arafeh at Coffeehouse Records or 3C studios( who is also turning twenty this year) in the year 1997 and released on the Female album / Serendipity DoDa records.  It’s an old song that some may remember. 



The Knife



YouTube Preview Imagethis is our first official youtube video.


The podcast. Named for a popular device from the Apple Computer company, it has become America, and perhaps the world’s favorite single serving out of the freezer save for later entertainment source. From Comedy, (Ricky Gervais has an excellent show)- to music, to news and information, the podcast is here to stay.  The podcast is todays college radio.  The correct podshow can let you discover new bands and musical forms.  They run the spectrum from very professional to completely amatuerish.  The spirit of the program is always the same,  to create a show that is influenced by an everyday individual’s personality.  It can be an audio blog or a demo to attract bigger and better things for it’s maker.  Whatever the motivation podcasts are ambitious works that deserve to be heard.  Here are 2 podcasts playing Farmertan:



Once in a while, the ideas for Farmertan lyrics come from external sources and just find their way into the songs. Songs about cars and motorcycles and movies and subliminal product placement. Every once in awhile it gets a bit political, and this weeks selection is called “General Strike.” You have heard of a union strike, and the general strike is the similar  concept of all working class people just not showing up for work- (perhaps this is quite timely given the Wall Street greed Debacle)- and then certain people saying- wait, we need those people..etc. but really this song is about all the ads on TV about the National Guard and how they pay for your school- but guess what- you better know what you are doing because the price of college may be your life.

On a non-political note,  its a pretty song- with a nice lead guitar melody.